Magical eye Maze

The labyrinth is this game is using generated random dot stereograms. Very similar to my magical eye pictures. You must diverge the eyes and focus "behind" the image to see the 3D scene. When you see the 3D scene, you will notice a deepening (track) in the image. Follow the track to find the exit of labyrinth. Your game always starts on one side of the rectangular maze and the exit on the opposite side. But you never can know before on which side it will start because walls, start and end positions are randomly generated each time.

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Best maze players of previous periods Advertisement:
Period Best player
?-01.01.1999 James
02.01.1999-14.01.1999 Cruiser One
15.01.1999-14.02.1999 Don Alm
15.02.1999-31.03.1999 Sibbals
1.04.1999-22.04.1999 Cruiser One
23.04.1999-12.06.1999 Cruiser One
13.06.1999-29.07.1999 Chris Bloomfield
30.07.1999-25.01.2000 Cruiser One
26.01.2000-10.05.2000 Ray man
11.05.2000-18.10.2000 Cruiser One
19.10.2000-07.01.2001 Jacob McNally
08.01.2001-24.03.2001 Phobos
25.03.2001-9.06.2001 Cruiser One
10.06.2001-25.07.2001 Jeff C
26.07.2001-05.10.2001 Cruiser One
06.10.2001-25.11.2001 Commando
26.11.2001-08.03.2002 Rjem
09.03.2002-15.03.2003 Cruiser One
01.01.2006-30.04.2006 Mike Arthurs
(See all results)
01.05.2006-22.01.2007 Cruiser One
(See all results)
23.01.2007-21.10.2007 Puilun
(See all results)
22.10.2007-23.03.2008 Ekansh Shandilya
(See all results)
24.03.2008-10.09.2008 Akansh Shandilya
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11.09.2008-14.07.2009 Cruiser One
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You are moving through the deepening. To move you can use Left, Up, Right, Down buttons or use arrow buttons on the keyboard. If keyboard buttons does not work press left mouse button on the magic image. Your goal is to find the exit of the maze. When it is done you will see the text "Congratulations!".

Explanation of buttons:

Ideas for random maze generator were found at Think Labyrinth! web site.