Computing in schools (Latvian: Datorika)

This page is dedicated to my work for being in a team who creates curriculum and lesson plans for a new subject in Latvian education - Computing

Latviski: Šī lapa ir veltīta manam darbam piedaloties darba grupā, kura veido Datorikas mācību priekšmeta standartu un mācību materiālus

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Educational games

I have created two simple games for 1st grade children to learn use the computer mouse

Drawing lines with a mouse

You have to draw lines using computer mouse between the grey lines. You don't have to be accurate and computer does not check anything. It only purpose is to learn using computer mouse. There are 10 levels and 11th level for free drawing. For full screen game, click here.

Catch the Zippy!

A game to practice double clicks. Catch the guy called Zipijs! There are 3 levels of difficulty. For full screen game, click here.